More products to come...

Here are some sample pictures of a few of the products that we currently offer.  If you do not see an image of a product that you are looking for or are interested in, please feel free to contact us to inquire about the availability or the possibility of the product you have in mind.

We are currently in the development stage with a number of different products.  Pictures of those products will be posted upon completion, or soon thereafter.

The pictures below are hand made fully adjustable Lower Control Arms and Panhard Rod, which feature grade 12 Heim joints that allow for up to 1" of adjustment on each side. They are powdercoated black for a durable long lasting finish.

They are available as a package, powdercoated black, for $ 300 shipped. Individually, the LCAs are $ 175 for the pair and PHRs are $ 125 each.

Click on the thumbnail to open a larger picture. If the pictures do not load: (Right click on the image space, Select "Show Picture" - Repeat until they show).

LCAs and PHR
Lower Control Arms

Panhard Rod
Lower Control Arm

Heim Joint with Bushings